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Anukei - Character Sketches by SyedSultana
Anukei - Character Sketches
XD I'm submitting early this month !!
So this is Anukei , he's one of my characters for a manga collaboration I'm working on with my friends .
I got his name from the the Egyptian deity Anubis . ( he will most likely have similar abilities )
He is 22 years old , probably not a bad guy Racing Girl Emoji (Evil Scheme) [V3] ...probably , and has an older half-twin brother......hes still kinda wip Alice Cartalet Emote (Kiniro Mosaic) - Nervous 
So anyways tell me what kinda vibe you guys get from him ? , your feedback is really important  :D thank you . 
Now we match by SyedSultana
Now we match
Suteheru and his little sister Neithsis . When she grows up she changes a lot .  These are my Ocs for a joint manga me and my friend are making . I'm gonna have so much fun tearing these two apart .

~ and yes I did name them after Egyptian deities  . 
Black Lie My Soul by SyedSultana
Black Lie My Soul
I haven posted anything an a while . This year I want to at least post 2 artworks every month.
and also , Happy New Years everyone !!!
Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) Happy Happy..Onion Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru)   
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Tagged by :iconkelly123err:  kelly123err
Rules: You HAVE to make a choice! You cannot avoid a question or you'd be missing out on the object of this meme
Allies| Would you rather....

1. Go over to France's house and spend a day with him or spend a day with Russia?

Go to Russia's house :iconohgodwhyplz: 

2. Eat with America at McDonald's or kiss France ?

i don't like fast food that much so i will .......kiss France :iconcraiyuiplz:

3. Go on a date with Russia and he is being kind and thoughtful or go out with China and he is always not making sense 
China, aru

go in a date with russia ...............

4. Have a pool party at America's house or have a rave at France's house as the host of it is Prussia

ill go to America's pool party ( i cant dance ) :iconslamheadplz:

5. Have sex with Russia or France?

:iconrunforlifeplz: OMG 
eni meeny miny mo........

Russia :iconaackplz:

6. Be stuck in a closet with America for 10 minutes or be stuck in a bedroom with France for an hour ?

ill go with America , but if he touches me he dies !!! :icondemonfaceplz:

7. Eat England's scones or be stuck in an awkward position with China

eat England's scones :iconbleedrainbowplz:

8. Feel a loving embrace from Russia or England

:iconyuiglompplz: SPAIN❥❥ Oh wait that wasn't an option T.T 

9. Have a romantic moonlight date with France, or have a fun and energetic date with America ?


 10. Kiss Canada's cheek, or actually kiss him? 

on cheek 
i think i did the wrong section but oh well .................(never mind)

1. Have Italy cook you your favorite meal or Japan to give you a boring lecture about his history ?

make me food Im hungry, but i would like a lecture later .

2. Training with Germany or running away from Germany with Italy ?

 Im sorry i can't run very fast ,and i got asthma too so unless Germany wants to kill me ......... :iconshakethatplz:

3. Seduce Germany or take his porn and hide it in your room to piss him off 

take his porno and hide it :iconnatsuheheplz:

4. Kiss Italy or Japan ?

Italy :iconmahfeelzplz:

5. Marry prince Italy or date general Germany ?

marry Italy :iconfangasmingplz:

6. Hug Italy or Germany for 5 minutes


7. Sleep with Germany (not in that way) or sleep with Italy to keep him safe ? 


8. Hug Chibitalia and have her/him/it as a sister/brother/gender-neutral chibi thing or take Chibitalia's place and kiss Holy Roman Empire ?


9. Ballroom dance with Japan or listen to Austria's music ?

Austria's music 

10. Tug Italys curl or Romano's ?

Romano's curl :icondemonfaceplz:

I got that time ..............

1. Piss off Romano or Germany ?

Germany ( i want to see what happens ) 

2. Kiss Spain or tug Austria's curl ?

SPAIN SPAIN SPAIN SPAIN :iconfantasyblushplz:

3. Dominate Prussia or lick chocolate off of England ?

Oh dear god why ...........eni meeny miny mo........
England !! :iconduudesrslyplz:

4. French kiss France or fight with Belarus over Russia ?

I'll go with the kiss :iconorekiahemplz:

5. Wear something sexy and walk around wearing it in front of Germany or cuddle on the softest couch with Italy ?

Italy :)

7. Go shopping with Poland or piss off Switzerland and have him chasing you through his lawn with a shotgun ?


8. Help Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia escape from Russia or tell England off by saying "bite my shiny metal ass." ?

lol come and get England :iconyuiswayplz:

9. Marry England or China ?

 Anyone but England  

10. On Halloween, wear a sexy Devil costume if you're spending it with Axis or a smokin' hot cat woman if you're spending it with the Allies ?

allies ..........

11. Sleep with America or China ?

whyyyyy..............China .

12. Watch a horror film with America or watch The Ring with Japan ?

I already watched the ring so ....... America.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alright the next section is yaoi and Im not into it so ill skip but i wont stop you from doing them :)

1. Videotape Greece and Turkey making out or make a yaoi fic of Austria and Prussia taking a shower together ?

2. Get a nosebleed by seeing Austria dominating Prussia or seeing England lick America ?

3. Have a threesome with the German brothers and watch them make out in front of you or secretly watch Canada being dominated by America ?

4. Watch Austria recanting Lady Gaga's bad romance video with her outfits she wore with Lady Gaga's voice and laugh at Prussia's nosebleed and other "reactions" or see a bondage between Germany and Italy ?

5. See Spain and Romano making out and about to get it on or videotape Germany pulling Italy's curl and seeing his reaction ?

TAGGINGN TIME !!!!!!    ( you dont have to all the sections )

My first victim 
:iconderpface12346: derpface12346

My second victim
:iconmyfishyfriend: myfishyfriend

And finally my third victim !!
:iconshiny-eve: shiny-eve



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United States
Hello there I'm Syed .......yes I know it sounds like a boy name, my middle name is Bushra .
I'm from Bangladesh ,I was born in NY , but i now I live in PA
I love to draw and sometimes write, I am also an anime addict
anime forever XD , i watched so many animes i lost count , lolz
Yup :D

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